Quick Vettel qoute and some IMHO

The Red Bulletin, March 2013

The Red Bulletin, March 2013

Exam period is not exactly the most convenient time to start a blog, that’s why this one will be a real quickie.

At my university there are a lot of flyers, information brochures and magazines lying around, and once as I showed up too early for my hour of aerobics, among all this paper I have found an issue of The Red Bulletin for March 2013. I am not a huge fan of interviews in general – people lie anyway, saying things that make them appear more likeable. But I had 15 minutes to kill and a magazine about Formula 1 in my hands, so I sacrificed the time to an interview with Sebastian Vettel. (One might have an impression that I am secretly obsessed with Vettel and simply cannot admit it, sometimes it’s exactly what I think, but there was not a single word about Mark in the magazine, so I was stuck with Seb.)

Apart from all the things one would expect from an interview with Sebastian Vettel there was one question an answer to which I really liked:

What are the limitations you pose on people you live with, in a sense of “I don’t want you to do this in my presence”?

If I don’t want people to smoke in my presence, I don’t go to such places. If I don’t want people I’m walking with to toss an empty can on the street, I just don’t walk around with such people. I can only make rules for myself. I don’t want to change anyone.

Welche Grenzen ziehst du gegenüber jenen Menschen, mit denen du zusammenlebst, im Sinne von “Ich will nicht, dass du das in meiner Gegenwart machst”?

Wenn ich nicht will, dass in meiner Gegenwart geraucht wird, gehe ich dort nicht hin. Wenn ich nicht will, dass die Menschen mit denen ich rumlaufe, die leere Dose auf die Straße werfen, laufe ich nicht mit ihnen rum. Regeln kann ich nur für mich selbst aufstellen. Ich will niemanden ändern.

I believe it’s one of this make-sound-more-likeable kind of things, but it doesn’t change the fact, that I like the approach, maybe because I read it while in the middle of a not-so-fruitful discussion with my acquaintances about what I should and should not do, or because I generally don’t believe that you can change another person. Anyway his answer made me smile. So thumbs up, Herr Vettel. Oh wait! Thumbs is not exactly your area 😉

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