#BelieveInMcLaren project

Being a fan doesn’t only mean celebrate success, but also not abandon your team in tough times. That’s why me and Karmen decided that we should do something McLaren related, so we tried to make a small twitter flash-mob, in order to get #BelieveInMcLaren trending on twitter, and simply show that we support the team, no matter whether they win or not. I am not sure, whether we were successful in getting it trending, but we definitely had a good time. These flash-mobs is how I get to follow really amazing people on twitter, so it was worth it anyway.

Another part of the project was to make a collage out of fans’ pictures, to make the whole thing more personal. In two weeks in which we tried to organize it, we didn’t get too many pictures to make a proper collage, but I think the result doesn’t look too bad. I once more would like to thank everyone who participated for taking time to do it, there were some  really creative pictures. We even got @McLarenAuto to retweet it, huge thanks for that, too.

#BelieveInMcLaren collage

#BelieveInMcLaren collage

We promoted the idea by posting a picture with a brainy quote every day, and now I can post all the pictures we used:









At this point I want to thank everyone who participated once more, it was a good fun, and I hope we managed to make a couple of people on the team smile.

Keep Calm Rocket-Red will Come Back.

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