BelieveInMcLaren or Can we get some racing, please?

McLaren’s 2013 season consists of problems, and everyone who can make use of their common sense understands that points seem to be the highest target McLaren can aim at in any race. It is sad, but true, and to be entirely honest I was pleased to hear that the team is switching focus to the 2014 car. So 2013 season can be written off and forgotten like a bad dream, but I believe McLaren can still do something to enhance their image as a racing team.

I am not an expert, if I were I wouldn’t spend my spare time writing a blog, but I don’t get why McLaren are so unprepared to risk, where they pretty much have nothing to lose. There are several sources of cash in Formula One, and while McLaren don’t have a chance to score any good points in WCC this year, they probably should try to get some sponsorship money. Sponsors want exposure, they want the car with their logos to be on screen for as long as possible, in a current situation it seems achievable – just go racing. The beauty of overtaking maneuver is not measured by what place the drivers are battling for, so why not adopt a strategy with more pit stops in order to let the drivers go racing on track? Fans would be happy to see some action, sponsors would be happy to sponsor a racing team, not the tyre conservation team, and the sport in general would get a bit more spectacular.

McLaren seem to be sticking with conservative approach in a situation where they have nothing to lose. I seriously doubt that these potential couple of points are worth more to the team than half a minute on TV screen.  I really hope that McLaren will stop being too smart and just go racing.

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