Horner talking, or How to stab people in the back

Don’t go to F1 searching for honour. People do and say horrible things, as if this were the only way. While everyone is busy with Christmas Shopping, Christian Horner is dutifully running the “Red Bull won’t miss Sebastian Vettel” campaign. So why not to give an interview to the BBC.

I don’t think Christian is making things up, but he is clearly very selective with the truth. He forgets to mention mechanical failures that cost Seb the practice sessions and car set ups, he forgets to mention all those times when the team made mistakes in strategy. He also forgets to mention that in Italy Seb was on older tyres, it was a great move, that Daniel pulled off, no question there, but you still need context.

I have always disliked sneaks. If you are unhappy with someone’s behaviour or attitude you go and talk to the man himself, you don’t go telling the press. Christian, who year after year praised Sebastian’s work ethic has suddenly decided to imply that Sebastian didn’t work hard enough, because he didn’t like the regulations. But stating it as a reason to leave for Ferrari. Well, sorry to disappoint, but Ferrari have the same set of regulations to comply to, so the move doesn’t exactly change anything in this respect.

What appointed me a lot more than selective memory of the Red Bull team principal, was the personal touch to it. “Knowing Sebastian as well as I do” implies good interpersonal relationships of some sort, and odds are there is some trust involved. He says this, and then lists all the things that can potentially undermine Sebastian’s credibility. Horner knows that that crazy unfounded hate did hurt Sebastian a lot more than he showed, and what he did now, was give the bloodthirsty press and couch experts a nice set of sticks to beat Sebastian up. It is disgusting.

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