A book for people banned on the Internet

When I had heard of Sebastian Vettel’s biography written by Karin Sturm, I thought I should get it. I even asked Ms Sturm on twitter whether it was the Tom Bower “skeletons in the closet” style or the Wikipedia style. She said it was neither. Well so far the book has a bit more interview quotes than the Wikipedia article, but other than that it’s Wiki.

One thing upfront, I haven’t finished the book, and I doubt I ever will, so my only hope is that somewhere in there it gets better. What I have read so far is more than disappointing it’s disgusting.

The fact that it’s Wiki,would be just disappointing, and I would just lay the book away and go reread something exiting like Tom Bower’s book, which is at least entertaining, or something with a claim to be true like the Autobiography of David Coulthard (even if you couldn’t care less about DC it is worth reading). Ms Sturm’s book takes the disappointment to the whole new level:

Zu Saisonbeginn [2009] hatte der Australier mit Sicherheit noch mit den Folgen seines Fahrradunfalls zu kämpfen, der ihn ja auch schon große Teile des Wintertestprogramms gekostet hatte. Im November war Webber in seiner Heimat, bei einem von ihm selbst veranstalteten Charity-Event, auf dem Rennrad von einem Auto angefahren worden und hatte sich nicht unkomplizierte Beinbrüche und auch einen Bruch in der Schulter zugezogen – Letzteres verschwieg er damals sogar seinem Team.

– Karin Sturm, p. 193

At the beginning of the season [2009] the Australian certainly had to cope with the consequences of his Bike accident, which had already cost him major parts of the winter testing programm. In November in the charity event he organised in his home country, Webber was riding a bike and got hit by a car and sustained not uncomplicated leg fractures and a broken shoulder – he has concealed the latter even from the team. 

The first point about missing the winter testing program may be partially true, but it is still worth mentioning that he was there when they launched the RB5 in Jerez in February (see e.g. Mark Webber, 2010 – A Season to Remember p. 9ff). The part about the broken shoulder is from a completely different chapter. Mark did suffer a broken shoulder and did conceal it from the team. Only it happened in October 2010, and not in November 2008, in a completely different accident (see Mark Webber, 2010 – A Season to Remember p. 176, The Telegraph). Ms Sturm’s book is not about Mark, obviously, but I am not sure that factual mistakes about googlable information should make it into a book.

This is the disappointing part. Another disappointment is the way the opinions are presented in a manner of the ultimate truth. It is clear that the paddock press takes sides, and one must be delusional to think that any of it as the whole truth. The whole Vettel-Webber saga, seems to be mostly the doing of the press rather than the drivers themselves. And Ms Sturm clearly follows the party line adopted by the German media: Seb is the saint, Mark is the villain. She clearly adores Sebastian in every way, but I am not sure she has any factual prove to the things she claims to be true. According to her, after the infamous Korean accident, Mark personally sent the troops of the British press into a crusade against Sebastian. Just a quote:

Mithilfe seiner [Webbers] guten Beziehungen zu den Britischen Medien stichelt er dann hintenrum doch gewaltig weiter.

– Karin Sturm, p.251

Using his good relationship with the British Press he keeps on taunting from the back. 

It is just to illustrate the tone Ms Sturm’s choses to write about Mark Webber, the guy is a pure evil, as are apparently “his people”. This is what Ms Sturm writes about the aftermath of the Brazilian Gran Prix 2010, when Red Bull won the WCC:

[…] sitzt im Fahrerlager jemand einsam und missmutig vor dem Red-Bull-Häuschen: Ann Neal, die Lebensgefährtin von Mark Webber. Vielsagend für die Stimmung – während  Vettel mit seinem Sieg und seiner souveränen Glanzleistung erneut unterschtreicht, wer in dem englisch-österreichischen Team derzeit der Bessere ist, können sich der Australier und seine Leute einfach nicht mit der sportlichen Philosophie von Mateschitz abfinden, eine WM im fairen Fight auf der Strecke und nicht durch Stallorder gewinnen zu wollen.

– Karin Sturm, p.266

[…] in the paddock, someone is sitting alone in front of the Red Bull hospitality: Ann Neal, Mar Webber’s partner. It speaks volumes amout the mood – while Vettel with his win and his solid performance undelines once again, who is the better one in the english-austrina team, the australian and his people cannot accept the sporting philosophy of Dietrich Mateschitz, to win the Championship is a fair fight at the circuit and not through the team orders. 

There might be some people who will find it acceptable, or even good journalism. I don’t. And not because I don’t agree, or I like Mark a lot, or because I suggest she is lying, but because I believe that making statements about people without any actual proof, does not qualify for good journalism.

I probably will not finish this book, my nerve cells are dear to me. This all just reminded me how much the press has hurt the people they write about. I remember a year ago Helmut Marko said something like Vettel is better than Hamilton and Rosberg together. Helmut was soon forgotten, but Sebastian was once again called arrogant. Those weren’t his words, but it was his name they stuck to. It’s sad that there is Sebastian’s name attached to this book. I hope he is a better person than that.

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