Back to the Wonderland


Everyone has their own wonderland. Mine involves tarmac laid in strange patterns and cars going in circles. I really needed this visit to my personal wonderland. I missed it over the winter.

The sound of the Gibsons – and as you may imagine we are not talking guitars here – is the best thing to clear your head: loud, high pitch, powerful. The by now familiar symphony of WEC classes on track is something I have been missing so much. It’s my dear soundtrack of the happy unreality I longed for so badly.

Monza is a beautiful circuit, one of my favourites really.  Our last rendezvous involved Formula 1 and Sebastian Vettel on the podium – all loud and lots of red. WEC Prologue is so completely different, it is like a cosy date with no make up or high heels, very real, very natural. There is something calming about walking through the park on an early morning, there is something otherworldly about being surrounded by the symphony of engines, sitting on the grass covered in dandelions and forget-me-nots.

Monza goes so well with the prototypes: the long straights and the acceleration out of Prima Variante, the breaking into the Porabolica. The cars look beautiful at night, soaked in the warm Italian rain. The blue and purple eyed Porsches running down the pit lane, reflected in the tilted glass of the pit building look sunning. Last year in Le Mans, once it got properly dark during the practice session, it was a bit of a wow-feeling. This time in Monza… it was a familiar thrill, a reminder of the magic that is to come in June.

It was so nice to see Timo and Brendon and Neel. I didn’t realise how much I have missed them. The mission of gradually sorting out the Porsche drivers with an assortment of plush animals is going alright. It’s just… I have a propensity to keeping even the most ridiculous of promises. Neel as always an absolute sweetheart: “Du kannst auch Deutsch reden…” Well in your presence I am unable to form coherent sentences in any language really.

I have dropped by the signing session on Sunday, just to end up watching the drivers. Have I mentioned Neel was an absolute sweetheart – he sorted a three year old with his cap. It was funny to watch a girl with a little crib note with the drivers’ names written in neat letters on her hand. It’s endearing because I still remember myself in Spa four years ago – Webber and Hartley were the only names I knew back then.

It was as always lovely to see familiar faces and make new acquaintances. I love this feeling of being a part of this big and friendly fan family. I am happy the season has started and sitting on the Piazza Duomo in Milan, I have finally booked train tickets to Spa.

Monza was an amazing reminder of how much I love my wonderland. See you soon WEC.

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