The first encounter with Spa was all rainy and cold, and breathtakingly beautiful. Back then I had no clue about endurance racing and I maybe knew two or three names in the paddock. And I didn’t come to Spa in 2014 because of the WEC, not even because of Mark Webber, I came there because of Spa. And I fell in love with Spa, but not just her, I fell in love with the WEC and with the Porsche Team.

It’s been four years of emotional roller coaster, four years of dying nerve cells, four years of making memories, four years of looking forward tos. It’s been for years of falling in love. It’s been four years of Brendon’s bright smiles, of Mark’s cheeky comments, of Timo radiating happiness, of Neel’s incredible kindness. It’s been four years in which Mark, Timo, Brendon, Neel, André, Marc, Romain, Earl, Nick, Rich, Jan, Holger, Verena, Kyle, Jeromy, Fritz, Andreas and all the people I don’t know by name have been making me a happier person.

It has been an honour to support Porsche, to share the elation of winning and the heartbreak of losing, to live through the horrors of Saõ Paulo and Silverstone and to be able to congratulate the Team in person. It has been an honour, and these four years will stay in my heart as happy memories, and the only thing on I can say is Danke.

Danke für alles.


When I’m gone

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A forest path between Nürburg and Quiddelbach:  the sky is a gentle shade of orange with a soft hint of purple, framed in the dark lace of the pine trees. Wild raspberries growing along the path on top of the hill, the undergrowth turning into wilder ferny looking stuff along the little brook further down the road.

There is no one around, just some birds in the trees, the deer that were there in the early morning are no longer there.  It feels good when with every gasp for breath you get a mouthful of air that smells like grass and pine-trees and sunset. And there is no one to ask you why the hell you are crying, no need for censorship. You just sit on the grass and let yourself be – happy because it happened, sad because it’s gone. Maybe for good.