Let’s clear a couple of things upfront, before my imaginary readership develops any false expectations. This blog is not exactly about Formula 1. It is more of a personal space to post my humble (it’s not a sarcasm!) opinions about things that happen in the sport.

Why do I do it? Just because I want to. In our age of social media everyone is entitled to have an opinion and even to share it. Even such not-exactly-competent people as myself. I am not an expert, and don’t aim to appear like one. I am just an F1 fan, may be more may be less crazy than others.

To undermine my credibility even further I’ll confess, that I’ve been following F1 closely enough only since 2011, which means there are a lot of people, who are better informed and more familiar with the sport than I am. That’s why you won’t find here any in-depths analysis of tyre strategies or any suggestions about the most efficient approach to tyres. It’s not the point. I also don’t see a point in retelling races – we all are blessed with Internet access and Google does a pretty good job in providing anyone with highlights and summaries. If you wand analysis, go and read Gary Anderson or James Allen – they do brilliant job and they do actually know what they are talking about. I don’t, for most of the time, which doesn’t really prevent me from inflicting my opinions on the world.

So I have warned you, then. And If you are not about to run away right now, feel free to join a cozy conversation about heroes and villains, strategies and tactics, truth and lies, rivalry and friendship.

Kind Regards.


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