Unicorns and eagles or a National question

After the chequered flag falls and the winner is established, a national anthem is played to honour his success and the success of his team. Every time I hear a national anthem on the podium I ask myself whether it is actually appropriate. Every time a national anthem is played I ask myself whether Formula One is a sports where the nationality matters.

The general bias towards own countrymen in the media is probably not even worth mentioning: British Sky or BBC obviously have their affections towards Hamilton, Button, or di Riesta; RTL puts Vettel, Rosberg or Hülkenberg to the centre of their coverage. To some not negligible extent Formula One has been perceived by many as a playground for a British-German(-Italian) motor racing rivalry, and it probably not that far from the reality. But the more people and me myself are talking about the national element in Formula One the more I ask myself whether there actually is any logical reason to pay so much attention to the nationality in racing. (more…)


Red Bull in controversy or How to do it wrong

It is not even funny any more, the whole Red Bull thing. I was naïve enough to hope that it was gone, after the statement was issued by the team, stating they will deal with it internally. I obviously was wrong, and now, with the Chinese GP under way, the whole Red Bull drama is getting bigger and bigger. They even manage to beat Pirelli on their share of pre-race commentary, and that’s big!

Sebastian Vettel spoke to the media yesterday providing an example of how to do it in a wrong way.