World Series by Renault or a hell of a good surprise

WSRBetween 21st and 23rd of June World Series by Renault was visiting Moscow Raceway. An event that no motorsport fan would miss, and I was lucky enough to be able to attend at least on Sunday. Such stars of modern Formula One as Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso drove in WSR, and the series in general is considered to be a pretty good preparation for the Formula One. From time to time rumours appear that Helmut Marco’s protégée Da Costa is about to get a seat in Toro Rosso, McLaren Young Drivers Magnussen and Vandroon drive in 3.5 litre category, as well as the Tooned star Nyck de Vries and another McLaren’s boy with a very McLaren surname Dennis dive in 2.0 litre series. For those were pretty much the only names I knew, the choice who to support was rather straightforward, namely #BelieveInMcLaren.

We arrived at quarter past nine, which was a rather good timing, and from the very first moment I was impressed with organisation. We were guided to the parking lots by extremely friendly people, amazingly beautiful young ladies handed us a bunch of flyers and then we happily went to the grandstands to watch the qualifying.

Apart from the sound of the engines, the speed of the cars, the smell and all those tiny things that you can’t feel watching the race on TV I was impressed by the atmosphere. WSR is well suited for a quality time with a family, as well as for a good company of friends. (Me and my dad dragged our mom with us, and she didn’t even complain!). There is a lot to do apart from watching races, children are taken care of. The only thing that leaves much to be desired is food and drinks, you don’t really have too many healthy options, but you can always take something with you.

Another thing that impressed me a lot was the feeling of accessibility. You could run around the paddock, take a look at every 2.0 litre car, with good timing you could enjoy the curves of the RB7, the lady which killed the intrigue in 2011, you could get an autograph of every driver, and even with a bit of luck of David Coulthard, who drove the Red Bull as part of the show.

The sound of an F1 car on a straight is literally breathtaking, and when you see David Coulthard burning rubber in a couple of meters from where you stand it is pretty amazing. I also found it somehow adorable how Karen, his fiancée, waited in the middle of the circuit until DC was done with the boring describe-the-circuit-interview  and  they went those 50 meters to the garages holding hands.  Coulthard also took his time to sign autographs, and I have to say that even in this respect the professionalism is incredible: when he signs you an autograph he looks you in the eye. It must be terribly boring, though, to answer the same questions time and time again, and so say some stupid stuff for the cameras. “Privet Strogino” – was obviously the only thing you want DC to say to the Russian media.

The whole weekend was a great experience, some quality time with friends and family, brilliant racing and incredible atmosphere. I can only recommend it to everyone.